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NOAA Weather Radio and how to improve reception:

The first thing you need to know is which NOAA Weather radio transmitter is nearest to your location.  NWS Nashville has created a page that has a map showing these transmitters and has a chart showing counties each transmitter covers.  Other important information is there too such as SAME codes if you only want alerts for your location.  See the information at this link.


Next, you need a NOAA weather radio that has an external antenna jack.  Here are a couple of examples available on Amazon, or WalmartCheck specifications to make sure it has the external antenna jack if you purchase through Walmart or other retailers


If you are tuned into your nearest NOAA weather radio transmitter as indicated on the NWS information page, your built-in antenna is fully extended, and if you continue to experience poor reception, you might need an external antenna.  An external antenna can be used indoors, or even better, used outdoors.  Indoors, you can place the antenna behind a curtain near a window or in an attic.  You can also run wire to an outside antenna through the cracks under windows or by putting the wire through a wall.  If you are running a line to an outside antenna, it is a good idea to place a lightning arrestor in the line between the antenna and where the line enters your home.  Here are some antenna options:

Local antenna provider in Murfreesboro:

J-Pole antenna is endorsed by and has been used by CannonSevereWx for 10-years.  Please contact B-Squared Engineering for assistance with your order and tell him you are needing an antenna for weather radio reception.  You can save shipping cost by picking this up directly from him at his workshop.  He also has a lower cost version not specifically for the weather radio band, but he says it will work, so ask him if interested.  Coaxial cable, adapters, are required (2 coaxial cables to connect a lightning arrestor if running the antenna through a window).  Click those previous links to purchase.  Contact Terry KD4TXF at 615-809-6804 for local purchasing and with any questions.


Internet Store in Wisconsin

Be sure to purchase the antenna and adapters by clicking the KB9VBR icon and your coaxial cable (same used for cable TV and available at Lowes, Home Depot, and anywhere TV's are sold).:


Coaxial cables of various lengths available here.  If running through a window or wall to outside, don't forget the lightning arrestor, and a second coaxial cable.

Simple Option

Stand-alone antenna with no adapter necessary.  Simply install in a window facing the NOAA weather radio transmitter.  See purchasing info by clicking the photo.  Disclaimer: CannonSevereWx has no experience with this antenna and cannot confirm its reliability.


Hearing Impaired

Weather radio for the hearing impaired.  Purchase the items at these links:  RadioStrobe light and pillow shakerAntenna or an antenna option listed above.  Kroger also offers a solution on their website.

Build your own!

Not recommended, but advanced radio operators may want to build their own antenna.  The NWS in Columbia, SC has provided instructions to do so if you want to attempt such a project.  Check out instructions here.

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